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ULLATE Val de Naón. Half breeding red wine 2005

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ULLATE Val de Naón 2005.

Half breeding red wine 2005

Made with grapes of Tempranillo, Garnacha and Mazuelo varieties harvested by hand in big-boxes of 660 lbs (300kg) and fermented with selected yeasts. 


It is a “coupage”, aged in French oak barrel from Allier which is no more than 3-years old. This wine is aged inside its bottle for at least 6 months.

  • Alcoholic fermentation and maceration: 26 days.
  • Manolactic fermentation: On deposit.
  • Alcohol content: 13.5 º
  • Total acidity (expressed as tartaric ac.): 5.8 g / l.
  • pH: 3.7.
  • Volatile acidity (expressed in Acetic ac.): 0.54 g / l.
  • Residual Sugar: less than 2 g / l.
  • Bottle: Of Bordeaux black Sphere.
  • Cork: Natural cork.

It has a bright and intense red color with violet reflexes. Its taste is complex with a fruity flavor and a subtle touch of hardwood. It leaves a warm and well balanced sweet taste in the mouth. 


This wine has not suffered any physical or chemical treatment to achieve stabilization. This is done with purpose of preserving all its organoleptic characteristics. Through time, this may give a slight precipitate in the bottle in which case we recommend to carefully decant.

It is recommended to consume at 60.8ºF (16º C).

  • Model: ULL205

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